Sean T.

Strava Metro: Get Physical (Stereographic Data Viz)

"In 2014, Strava launched a data service called Strava Metro. Since then, Metro has worked with over 70 organizations around the world to understand how more than a half-million bicyclists and pedestrians choose to navigate through geographic areas." (Strava Metro Data-Driven Bicycle and Pedestrian Planning)

The goal of this project was to create a series of conceptual executions that rethink what Strava Metro could be through data-driven visual stories.

Geographical data is intended to communicate information about our world and our physical interaction with it. Furthermore, the technology of Strava relies on our physical interaction with it.

So why not make our data physical too?

The following is a series of stereographic data visualizations, depicting a physical globe comprised of 100k data points within 3 global cities.

But what is Stereographic Data Visualization? 



combining form

prefix: stereo

relating to solid forms having three dimensions. “stereography”

relating to a three-dimensional effect, arrangement, etc. “stereochemisty”